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Faywood Gardens is a 9 acre historic farmstead with a unique blend of herb and flower gardens, pastures, orchards, and a splendid sense of tranquility.  Just a short 40 minute drive from Burlington, VT, Faywood Gardens is located on the beautiful island of Grand Isle in Lake Champlain. Surrounded by working farms and wine producing vineyards, Grand Isle is also a mecca for outdoor adventure. Biking, motorcycling, and water sports abound! 

Chef Lisa invites you to enjoy a little slice of heaven! 802-777-1266

Our History

"This house was originally owned by Samuel Adams, the son of Joseph Adams who was one of the early settlers in the area. Joseph built a log cabin on the property for himself and his 18 children. The brick house was later built, ca. 1824, for Samuel.  The family was related to John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the second and sixth presidents of the United States.",

-State of Vermont, Historic Sites and Structures Survey

(not to be confused with the Samuel Adams of the brewing industry, a second cousin to John Adams, who died in 1803, but probably related...we're still researching) 

Faywood Gardens also boasts a bountiful orchard, as well as organic raised beds that replenish the garden greens and herbs. 

Chef Lisa

Chef Lisa Ruoff has been weaving her culinary magic as a chef for over 20 years. She has owned and run kitchens from such places as off-grid Alaskan wilderness lodges to rural Colorado ski towns. With write ups in publications such as EdibleAspen, and winner of National Geographic Adventure magazines “best places to eat in Carbondale CO” a few years back, she is now proud to bring her experience and passion to Grand Isle VT, in her 1820’s farmhouse kitchen called Faywood Gardens

"Being a great chef is so much more than being able to make excellent food. For me, it's about knowing where the ingredients come from. Is it local? Is it chemical-free? Is it sustainably harvested? Does the money that I paid for it go back to the community? How far does it travel to get to me and what kind of carbon footprint is that? And, of course, it has to be cost effective. When all of these aspects line up, the alchemy in the kitchen begins. Personally, my passion is environmentalism, and it comes through me and into the world through my cooking." (Lisa Ruoff)

Grand Isle, VT

This is the real deal, folks! Breathtaking beauty, working farms, vineyards, Lake Champlain... The stuff of fairytales. If you're into cycling, the Lake Champlain Bikeway goes right past our front door. Kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing are just a few of the options awaiting you on the lake. Farmers markets are held from June through October, and live music can be found at different outdoor venues throughout the island. Grand Isle is a short half hour drive from the Burlington airport. Or, if coming from NY, take the ferry! It's just a few miles from our front door. The US/Canada border is 25 miles north of us, and Montreal is about an hour and a half drive. Grand Isle is pretty much in the middle of it all!

Faywood Gardens Location

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