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Faywood Gardens:

Catering, Cooking Classes,
and Workshops

Welcome to Apacolypse 2020!! Faywood Gardens has chosen to take a break during these crazy times. We hoped to resume COOKING CLASSES in August 2020, but it seems that our country can't quite be adult enough to stop the spread of this virus! Not sure when we will resume classes in the farmhouse kitchen as of yet. 
If you are interested in signing up for a PRIVATE or ONLINE cooking class for August or September 2020, please give Chef Lisa a call at 802-777-1266. 

Faywood Gardens is based in Grand Isle Vermont, in a beautifully restored 1820's brick farmhouse. The kitchen in the farmhouse is the setting for our all-organic cooking classes, and the farmhouse is the location for our workshops. 

Faywood Gardens Kitchen also offers all organic catering, from small deliveries to big events.

If you're interested in staying for the night, check out our Airbnb rooms! 

Check out Faywood Gardens Airbnb rooms for rent here 


Master Bedroom with Private Bath
Queen Suite with shared bath

(hand-mosaic shower is awesome!)

1 Bedroom Apartment

Organic Cooking Classes 2019

During these Apacolypse 2020 times - we are offering our classes ONLINE. Please see our class calendar for details.

Join Chef Lisa in the Faywood Gardens farmhouse kitchen for a few hours of hands-on preparation and then the enjoyment of the meal prepared. 

These classes are a fun and unique way to spend time with family and friends or a date night with your special person!

Please feel free to BRING YOUR OWN LIBATIONS! 
** let us know of any food allergies or special needs when you sign up for class**

Women's Empowerment Workshops

Rise and Shine, Goddesses!!!

Rise up and shine your light! It's time for you to step into your power, overcome your fears, and be the best version of YOU possible. Take up space. Have your voice be heard. Live that fulfilling life. Choose love and let go of fear. Be more authentic in relationships. 

Workshops are held at the farmhouse from 10am to 5pm, and include lunch and afternoon nibbles.


 31 Faywood Rd, Grand Isle VT / 802-777-1266 /email: info@faywoodgardens.com